Success Stories: AUG'27 My first IMDb Credits

My first IMDb Credits

My first IMDb Credits, feels really good when you look at :)

Jon Kohan

Feel the same way with my two credits so far. I visit the page daily. lol

Jim Pfeifer

This was a first for me as well, about 2 months ago and I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming. Congratulations David!

Dawid Jaworski

Haha! Congratulations Jon! Get celebrate and keep looking for next! This "Split Costs" Nice vote ratings!! :)

Jon Kohan

Yes, Split Costs is a great film. Jeff Palmer did a great job. I'm happy he allowed me to have a small part of it's construction.

CL Pike (Cynda)

Hey Dawid congrats - credits are hard earned, that's for sure!

Dawid Jaworski

Awesome Jim! I saw some critcs spoke really positive about the film!! And thank you very much.

Dawid Jaworski

CL Pike Thank You for your kind words :)

Shawn Speake

Way to work, Dawid! I got my first IMDB Credits from relationships formed on S32 too! Stage32 works if you work it, that's for sure :)

Philip Sedgwick

Congrats. Here's to that good feeling getting better and better as credits compound.

Christopher Christofi

Congratulations man! That's nice!

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