Success Stories: APR'27 My first request of material! :)

Mariannjely Marval

My first request of material! :)

I’m very tough with myself and sometimes I feel I’m not good enough, but today I decided to be gentle and celebrate a small win. I’m telling to myself: Mariannjely, you are enough ✨ This is a feedback for my FIRST pitch of this pilot I wrote and my FIRST material request at @stage32

Pidge Jobst

Yes!... celebrate all laps on the track, every small win, and sink into thoroughly enjoying the process of creating without expectation, as there is no guarantee of a checkered flag. Congratulations. We celebrate with you!

Mariannjely Marval

Pidge Jobst thank you!! :)

Mariannjely Marval

Aray Brown thanks!! :)

Jason Todd

Congrats, that's great feedback!

James Welday

Huge congrats to you! That's fantastic!

Taylor C. Baker

Amazing! Congrats Mariannjely Marval!

Nathan Mccoy

Way to go, hope that turns into a deal! Congratulations!

Johnathan Burns

Congrats Mariannjely Marval and yes it is a little victory worth celebrating. I also received a 4/5 and request from my pitch and consider it confirmation of good writing at the very least. I hope we both get deals out of our hard work.

Mariannjely Marval

Thank you for your kind words!! :)

Kathaleen M. Brewer

Congratulations!! Pitching is my biggest road block. I actually learned some things reading those comments. Think I need to take some acting lessons....

Amy Gray

YES GIRL!!!! Time to dance <3 So happy for you :)

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