Success Stories: APR'12 My first screenplay request through Stage 32 from a company doing a new movie with Robert De Niro!

Frank Richard Rogala

My first screenplay request through Stage 32 from a company doing a new movie with Robert De Niro!

When my amazing screenwriting coach/teacher told the class to check out Stage 32, I knew I had to take it seriously. I don't like to submit my screenplays around until they have gotten a bit of notice. This one just (4 days ago or so) was named an Official Selection of the Beverly Hills Film Festival but I was still nervous about it after getting turned down on my first 3 written pitches through Stage 32. An author friend suggested a small (but important) tweak to my pitch, which I did and submitted again yesterday. Today I have a screenplay request from a company doing a new movie with Robert De Niro! Thank You Stage 32!

Boomer Murrhee

Way to go Frank. Hopefully, this is only the beginning of better things to come!

Eric Kinloch

Congrats! It's funny how a small tweak can change everything.

Philip Sedgwick

Congrats on Beverly Hills, and your pitch, of course. Will you be attending any of it?

Phil Parker

Double congrats!!

Virginia Mckevitt


Trish MacEnulty


Harri-Pekka Virkki

Awesome! I'd say it's pretty good "stage 32 opening job"!

Amanda Toney

So awesome Frank!!! All the best!

Paul Coman

Congratulations, Frank!

Virginia Brucker

SHAZAM! How incredibly cool is this! Way to go! Was it a written pitch? If so, would you share?

Laura Cross

Congrats Frank!

Brian Walsh

Wow...very cool! Congrats Frank.

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Frank!

Frank Richard Rogala

Thank you all for the great support and comments. I have been driving cross country from CA to MI (where I run with my brothers in the summer months) so I am a bit behind acknowledging & thanking everyone. I'm not sure if there is a way to answer questions in comments directly - so if you don't mind i will answer a couple of questions here. Yes I will be attending the Beverly Hills Film Festival. I have just left CA for 7 months but I am returning the weekend of the Beverly Hills Film Festival for the ASCAP Expo (I am also a composer too - currently for Access Hollywood). Virginia Brucker - yes it was a written pitch and I posted it as is on a site I am starting for the screenplay.

Arlette Thomas-Fletcher

Congrats! This is awesome news.

Francesca Varisco

wow, congrats!!!

Andile P Moyo

Wow that's great. All the best

Manley Irish

Awesome!!! Congrats

Audrey Levan


Stephen Barber

Nice work!

Anthony Marciona

Congrats. Bella fortuna!

Grant Vuille

Congratulations, Frank, I wish you every success!

Dr. Becky Sue Conright Usry

Awesome! It's so important to listen to suggestions. Best of luck to you!

Shon Perun

Awesome! it's the little adjustments that make a big difference!

Tresa Bennett


Bishal Nath

Congratz for Beverly Hills & Reading request....And what was the important tweak to your pitch? All the best!

Grant Vuille

Yes, I'm curious to know, too.

Philip Sedgwick

@Frank, my partner, Lesley and I are arriving on Thursday, April 30. We are staying at the Avalon, the host hotel. I will PM you my cell phone. Feel free to reach out. We intend to hold court in the Avalon's lounge with evening meetings with talent I have attached to projects, other writers and whomever wanders in.

Beverly Gandara

Have fun, Philip. Regards to you and Lesley.

Philip Sedgwick

Hey Beverly, Come on along... we'll give you a ride to the awards (When we did that a few years ago, Beverly won the Golden Palm Screenwriting Award)!

Philip Sedgwick

And back to Frank! Scripts are now posted on the Beverly Hills Website. Good on ya, Frank, for The Road to Remembering.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Congratulations Frank. Way to go.

Shannon Moorland Hunziker

Congrats! That's awesome!

Frank Richard Rogala

Wow, I didn't know the BHFF had the screenplays up! That is fantastic! Thanks for letting me know Phillip! I look forward to meeting you and Lesley.

Kate Danaher

Congrats!! My script was selected , too. I will look for you at the BHFF!

Frank Richard Rogala

Kate Danaher - Congrats to you! :-) I look forward to meeting you. I am going to be back in CA for the ASCAP Expo, so that mean I will only be at the dinner on Sunday for the BHFF. I will be easy to spot, I will be the only one with a little brown dog in a tuxedo. I was selected by the BHFF for a screenplay a few years ago ( ) and if they run it the same way, there are lots of opportunities for chatting.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Congratulations to you as well Kate.

Kate Danaher

Congrats to you, Frank. Too bad I will miss you on Sunday, leaving in the morning to go back East, as my husband has work to attend to on Monday. Too bad. I will check out your website!

Joyce Fidler

Wonderful to hear of your success!

Kate Danaher

Awesome, Frank!

Elisabeth Meier

I love this business. Congratulations.

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