Success Stories: FEB'8 My latest feature is on Tubi!

Ramon Richardson

My latest feature is on Tubi!

My movie I Think I Will Need Some Bodyguards is now live on Tubi! Enjoy

Jimmy Kelly

Excellent! How's the Tubi experience so far?

Manu Krishna


Ramon Richardson

So far so good, my first time on board.

Sol Roth

Cool man and congrats. I'll check it out. What distributor did you use to get on TubiTV? My last feature was also released there - "Sol Roth's The Audition" -, I used FilmHub as my distributor / aggregator.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Congratulations, Ramon! Would love for you to start a conversation in the Distribution Lounge about your experience working with Tubi:

Ramon Richardson

Sol, a friend on Linked in referred me to her friend at Sure Karen I will be sure to drop a line about it.

Sol Roth

Ramon Richardson Interesting... and thanks for the quick answer! I may reach out to them sometime. It looks like they potentially distribute to a wide variety of platforms and mediums (NICE!) What other platforms / sources are you hoping to get your movie onto?

Ramon Richardson

Well at this time I will wait and see the results of Tubi distribution and will just focus on promoting it for now.

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