Success Stories: FEB'28 My stage 32 story so far

Seán Martyn

My stage 32 story so far

My name is Sean Martyn I started on Stage 32 age 19 back in Dec 2009 and so far have made 408 connections I have helped out as best I can in lounge discussions and made some friends for life this website offers me everything I could ever have dreamed of as a young creative person from Ireland with not many local connections .... Through this website I have connected with people from all walks of life from starter outs like myself to seasoned vets with countless years of experience this site trumps other networking sites like facebook and twitter for me due to it being based solely for people in the entertainment industry so there are no silly online games or pop up ads and there are people I can actually have a conversation with without them getting bored or asking me what different film terms mean or asking me "what I do for a living" then answering their own question with the sentence "Oh your a movie maker so do you make porn?" (you wouldn't believe the amount of local idiots who still say that to me) to which I have learned to reply with nope but if you can find a woman wiling to have sex with you and to pay me a over €1000 to film it then sure why not..... without stage 32 I would still be a lost young Irish man looking for his first connection to the worlds best industry thank you stage 32 for the last 2 and a bit years and long may your website continue to grow and expand

CJ Walley

LOL at the porn comment! Great post dude.

Seán Martyn

thanks CJ

Richard "RB" Botto

What a tremendous post. Thank you for sharing, Sean!

Logan Scott Matthews

Its inspirational :) Glad your making it!

Una Love

Hey Sean, check out the Kino group in Dublin run by a chap called Liam. It started last summer and there's connections with the Filmonik group here in Manchester. By the way I'm a Dublin girl myself...

Lina Jones

Aw..... that's so sweet I'm glad you found the right connection too... Porn icky!

Michael J Smyth

Hi Sean, great post, wish I had known about Stage32 back in 2009. Only joined in 2012 and, as you say a great way to meet loads of like-minded people who understand what we're all going through and trying to achieve. Based near Belfast so gona send you a network request. Una, must look out for Kino group you mention

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