Success Stories: JUL'30 My supernatural political horror story, "0w1:believe" has been published!

Geoff Hall

My supernatural political horror story, "0w1:believe" has been published!

I'm thrilled to tell my community of friends at Stage 32, that my new novel has been released in the Apple Books Store! It's been a long and winding road, but now we have the actual release on both Amazon Kindle and Apple Books.

"0w1:believe" is a supernatural political horror story that has nothing to do with Donald Trump, Boris Johnson or Vladimir Putin. It is an unrelenting story of terror and courage, wherein a young group of dissidents decide to take a stand against a totalitarian State, by using their gifts as artists and coders (the perfect combination) to subvert the dark demonic powers behind the State's grip on power.

They are led to the 'vision space', the home of bestial demons and vampire priests. It bodes the question, if you wanted to undermine a demonic State, would you dare enter the vision space?

You can enter it by clicking on the link below!

‎Strix and his friends live in a world where everything is controlled by the State. His job as a librarian was assigned to him due to his 'thought-patterning', recorded during his time at school. Bu…
Melanie Star Scot

That is a major accomplishment! I'm sure it took a ton of work! Yay you for your tenacity and congrats!!

Geoff Hall

Melanie Star Scot Indeed! Thank you. But the journey is worth it. I was writing a screenplay at the same time, for such is the madness of responding to your lucid dreams.

Allen Lynch

Congratulations Geoff!

Geoff Hall

Allen Lynch Thank you, Allen. It was quite a journey, but it’s always thrilling to get a project out there. I’m spending the next six months promoting it on blogs, podcasts and live events. I’m looking forward to learning more about this phase of the project, especially interview techniques. !

Rohit Sawant

Congrats, Geoff! Sounds intriguing!

Elliot Rivera

Yay!! Congratulations!!

Geoff Hall

Thank you Elliot and and Rohit. And yes, Rohit, it is VERY intriguing. (Sorry, it’s not allowing me to tag you both).

Geoff Hall

Wally Wu Hi Wally, thank you. No I’ve not, but I will check them out and also maybe Smashwords. Have you heard of them? They say they’re the biggest indie ebook distributors on the planet?

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