Success Stories: MAY'17 New Features on Happy Writers Pitches worked!

Betty Sullivan

New Features on Happy Writers Pitches worked!

This weekend I had a few pitches that were wonderful. But the most amazing thing was the logline feature HAPPY WRITERS started. If I signed up for pitches this weekend, my logline (which I sent in after reading the fine print on the emails) would be shown to all of the participants. I got an unexpected call and one of the producers wanted to talk to me right away. He requested my script. Now we are going to talk again. I did get a script request from Ideate already for a feature from Devon who gave me spot on pitching tips. I am especially grateful for the new feature as I wouldn't have guessed to pitch to Wonderland and they were the most excited about my work. A little long winded. :)

Pete Stone

Indeed, the new logline share is a great bonus feature for the pitch fest. And congrats on the great news!

Betty Sullivan

Thanks for the encouragement.

Elisabeth Meier

This is amazing and exciting and I cross my fingers your film will get produced. Congrats to this success. What a wonderful weekend for you! I'm still pretty new to this site so please forgive my question...did you then yet have a pitch with that producer who already called you or was that not one of the pitches you booked but one of those who also read it? I still don't understand completely how the whole thing with pitching here works. Thank you in advance!

Betty Sullivan

I had a logline with the producer and not a pitch. He liked it so asked to speak to me. So I had a skype with him and he said he liked my work and wanted to speak again. He is reading my script and I will most likely speak to him in a week or so. When you sign up for a pitch it can be written.. Or a Skype call. Once you pitch your story (I recommend you take Joey's class on pitching) its a waiting game to see if they ask to read your script. If they read it and like it they usually call you in for a meeting to see if they can work with you for a longer time. Let me know if you have more questions. Best Betty

Elisabeth Meier

Thanks, Betty.

Marcia Chandler Rhea

Congrats! Well done!!!

Kevin Doy Burton

Welcome Betty. My link:

Pete Stone

Congrats, Betty and I agree the new logline feature is huge!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Betty, fantastic news!

Betty Sullivan

Thanks for all the encouragement. Happy Writers and Joey are also there for me. :)

Betty Sullivan

Kevin Your background is very interesting. I'm going to need to read your books? Which do you recommend I start with?

Kevin Doy Burton

Betty,you can pick any one of them. For your mobile device,I have books on Kindle.

David Levy

Awesome news! It shows the changes Joey and the HW are making pats off in spades! Way to get the request!

Judy Klass

Thanks up for the heads up about that! I was not aware of that feature of pitching to Happy Writers. And congratulations!

David Levy

They introduced new "Pitching Perks" for the on-line pitchfests. Feel like their should be a game show announcer explaining what the perks are. "And here they are..."

Gail Kieding

Congratulation, Betty! It couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

Harold Vandyke

Great to get more bang for the buck. Good luck!

Serita Stevens

Yes that is great new feature! I love it! Congrats Betty and happy belated birthday

Sanjeev Gupta

congrats betty .... superb

Sandra Linz

Congrats, go female writers!!

Marlene Hamerling

It's never long-winded when it's good news!

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