Success Stories: AUG'4 Online Pitch Success!

Online Pitch Success!

Just thought I'd let everybody know that I've had some success via the online pitches to industry pros. As of today I've pitched to 23 different pros - 8 have requested scripts, 10 have passed and I'm awaiting replies from 5. I think as far as percentage hit rates go I'm very happy. Credit needs to go to Joey who works really hard for us writers. He's on the ball, quick replies, to the point - my kinda guy. Obviously at this stage nothing's been sold or optioned but I'm climbing the ladder which is more than I had going some two months ago. Can't reccommend this facility enough for writers trying to break in.

Baljinder Singh Gill

Hey Leon, I'd like to think so, but this industry is like no other. I've worked in and had my own businesses in Construction, Design & Print, and Retail but the Film business is crazy!

Mike Romoth

Thanks for keeping us updated. I'm always glad to hear about people moving forward, as I hope to do myself. Good luck.

Baljinder Singh Gill

Curious in what capacity?

John Cruz Alarid

Wow! It's like going to Las Vegas. Congratulations! During your online pitch are you allowed to pitch more than one story? Good luck.

Baljinder Singh Gill

Cheers John. Im pretty sure Joey insists on 2 pages max for Written Submission Pitches which is what I prefer to live pitch. So I pitch two one page projects.

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