Success Stories: NOV'3 Option for 2014 Search for New Blood Winning Script

Glenn Forbes

Option for 2014 Search for New Blood Winning Script

I'm very happy to announce my sci-fi thriller screenplay, THE WRECKAGE, has been optioned by Glider Films out of New Zealand for Director Jesse Warn. Jesse has amassed a tremendous body of work in network and cable television, having directed numerous episodes of shows such as CRIMINAL MINDS, TRUE BLOOD, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, SPARTACUS, V, SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, ARROW, and many more. I'm looking forward to working with Jesse as we develop the film over the next year. Special thanks to my manager, to Stage 32/The Happy Writers and The Blood List. This script won the Stage 32 / Happy Writers Search for New Blood in 2014. It's taken a year, but finally all the right pieces fell into place.

Thivanka Perera

Congrats Glenn!

Eric Gilmartin

Score another one for N.Z. film! Congratulations, Glenn.

Evelien And Dorien Twins

That's awesome, congrats!

Brian Walsh

Congratulations Glenn!

Antwon Taylor

Great job, Glenn!

Laurie Ashbourne

Fantastic. Congratulations!

Shari D. Frost

Big congrats!

Stephen Barber

That's so great Glenn!

Glenn Forbes

Thanks everyone. Tons of baby steps and then a leap. Now more baby steps before the next leap.

Mark Allen

Good on ya, Glenn! Let's hope this is the start of something BIG for you.

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Glenn! Can't wait to hear how it progresses and see the final result on the big screen!

Glenn Forbes

Thanks again....will definitely post more when news hits. (If news hits ;)

Eric Tomlin

CONGRATULATIONS!, always love to see the successes, keep us all updated

Jeffrey Gold

Congratulations! (Only a year? Welcome to the fast track. LOL)

Fiona Faith Ross

Thrilled for you!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

I'm ecstatic for you Glenn... that such great news. Congratulations. Some things are just worth waiting for. Hopefully they'll invite you on set. That would be awesome. :-))

Morrison James

Great exciting news Glenn. Congratulations M.J

Jorge J Prieto

Fabulous, Glenn. Like JOEY would say, I love it! Hey, there's still hope for this years New Blood contestants. " Hope never quits!" My All American. I say: Passion never dies. Lol, l love Supergirl, as well.

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