Success Stories: OCT'6 Pitch to meeting to production

Pitch to meeting to production

After an excellent pitch meeting arranged by Stage32 Happy Writers back in early August with a producer, I sent off my drama pilot “Pride of MGM” at his request. I sent a thank you card a couple weeks later updating him that another pilot I had written, a dark comedy called “Utopia, TX”, had made the semifinals of the Page Awards and that if he had any feedback on “MGM” I was eager to hear it. I heard from him shortly after asking to meet in person. He was very excited about “MGM" and asked if he could have another producer read it as well. I agreed and sent him the 15 page pitch document I had. A week later we meet and he enthusiastically pitched me to let him and the other producer produce the pilot. Their plan is well thought out and viable, and we were all on the same page about the vision for the series and agree it will have tremendous popularity with the right partners. We met again this past Friday after they went through the pilot and pitch document again, and with a few notes, we all agreed to move forward. Their independent sensibility and high standards for quality cinematic story telling make them a perfect fit for a series about the pioneers of the modern Hollywood era caught between art and commerce while enduring the scrutiny of the world. We are now looking to attach a director. In addition they are eager to help me beef up my credits and get a camera in my hands again. He is looking at getting an indie feature I wrote made as well, a limited location coming-of-age drama/ghost story called, “The Figure of a Woman.” I’m very excited to be taking these next steps in my career and thrilled my hard work, sacrifice, and enthusiasm is paying off. I can’t stress enough how Joey and Stage 32 Happy Writers were instrumental to this success.

Amanda Toney


Nkosi Guduza

This sounds Fantastic :) 'pioneers of the modern Hollywood era caught between art and commerce while enduring the scrutiny of the world'. Wow. So impressed, so happy. What a relevant idea, can see this catching on to a good audience, very fascinating. :) Congratulations much Mr. :)

Leah Waller

That's awesome Kevin, congrats!!! Keep up the good work!!

Mike Romoth

Fantastic! Congrats on your success and I hope things keep moving along well for you.

Andrew Stamp

Great job, Kevin! Keep up the good work.

Shari D. Frost

Wow! So Exciting! Keep us posted...

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Incredible story Kevin. I'm thrilled for you.

Yasmin Neal

COngrats! How did you know where to send your thank you card to?

Kevin T. Morales

Sounds like I'm being snarky, but the answer is Google.

Boomer Murrhee

Way to go Kevin, appears the stars are lining up. You could be the next "over night sensation." Best of success.

Yasmin Neal

Lol you arent being snarky, i just know we were asked to not contact the executive privately, so i didnt know if by doing that if we got banned from Stage 32 lol or if it was looked upon negatively by the executive, like we cant follow instructions...

Kevin T. Morales

I did ask Joey if it was okay to send a TY card. So yeah I don't recommend phone calls or hunting down email addresses. And if the scripts are good you develope a relationship outside of stage 32 and that is what can make the initial participation so valuable.

K Kalyanaraman

Good to read about your wonderful experience! Keep up the tempo and good luck...

Marla Young

Fantastic! Talk about everything coming together at once (after years of writing, I'm sure :)

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