Success Stories: NOV'17 Pitching...

JR Kingsbury


This has truly been a humbling experience. I pitched to an agency that I have always revered as the best. When the time was up the Agent asked for my screenplay and then asked if I would be willing to send over my TV Pilot as well. I never thought that I would be welcomed with such professionalism and respect. Joey, thank you for your encouragement. It really does make a difference, Jeff

Dev Sagoo

Hi Joey, I wonder if you can help me? I'm in middle of writing a novel. It's based on historical facts as backdrop to fictional storyline. From India Independence 1947 from British Empire, India Pakistan Partition to England mid-sixties. Sensitive indeed . I need to know if there are any publishers out there who might take it up? I see it as a mega movie down the line?

Dev Sagoo

I need a publisher who will go with this?

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