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Stanley N. Lozowski, a Producer from New York City, New York was just hired for the project titled "Hegira sci-fi film series". Congratulations!

Stephen Foster


Richard "RB" Botto

Great news, Stanley. Best wishes with the project.

Shawn Speake

Business is a boomin'...

Andrew Bee

Excellent! Congratulations.

James Drago

Hope it's a smash, Stanley.

Thomas Lee Howell

I was taught to write a screenplay by Emmy Award winner Lee Levinson. I have similar offers for other producers and several projects available. I put up the script, my company resources including stable of actors and connections for 60%. You invest time, experience with company assets and take 40% ownership of whatever project we complete together. Bio, drama, comedy, action, sci--fi, western, horror? I have numerous screenplays in various genres. I have also signed my Tesla: A Child of Light material and a martial arts project called Extreme Tag under the same type of agreement(s).

Andre Hillard

Hey Stan, Congrats..It was funny to see your post right underneath ours..I was like, hey, I know that name...Hope you have much success..BTW we currently have 3 distribution offers...

Thomas Lee Howell

I discovered right after negotiating with Mr. Lowzowski that he had ZERO success with previous projects and could NOT deliver on his side of our contract as far as financial and similar commitments. His idea was to shelve this completed (20) year eight feature/4 novel writing project) until he sold something else. Stan is a good man but NOT a good advisor or business partner in our case. I ended the deal right after this notice was posted on Stage32. BOC.

John & Jamie

This is from four years ago? Did anything else ever happen with the project?

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