Success Stories: SEP'23 REQUESTED by LIONSGATE and AMC!

Terri Viani


Friends I am now four for four with my Pitchfest companies and my pilot Farm Story! Who knows if it will go anywhere but it's great to know both my verbal and written pitches are solid at the very least. =) Thank you Stage 32 and Happy Writers!!

Keith Betts

Awesome !

Curtis McGann

Congrats!!! If you are in need of actors, please keep me in mind

Gina Leone

Congratulations, Terri.

Jeffrey Walesa

Way to go Terri!! Awesome job!!!

Tony Cella

Congrats Terri. Let me know us know what comes of it.

Richard "RB" Botto

Absolutely fantastic, Terri! Congrats!

Jorge J Prieto

Congrats, Terri. Please keep us posted.

Evelien And Dorien Twins

Four-in-Four..we'd say that's a pretty solid average :) congrats!

Trish MacEnulty


Ariel Hines


Emma J Steele

Fantastic request rate! Congratulations, Terri and good luck with all the reads!

David Longstaff


Phil Parker

That's pretty awesome. Congrats!

DL Miles

Congratulations on going four for four! What were the genres?

Deb Longua-Zamero

Congrats!!!!!!! I hope to do a similar post soon! xo

Philip Onions

Well done, sounds great!

Vincent Papa

Congrats well done

Terri Viani

Thank you everyone for the congrats! It's truly an exciting time in my writing career! That said, we all know how this biz works, so I am enjoying things while not attaching too much to the outcome. No matter what happens I will keep writing and working and doing my thing! =)

York Davis

Congrats to the pitcher with the most successes!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Congrats Terri. Yes enjoy the journey.

Shannon Forth Davies

Congratulations Terri!

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