Success Stories: APR'29 REQUESTED by Robert Lazar

Pete Stone

REQUESTED by Robert Lazar

This week just keeps getting better and better! I’ve been wanting to pitch to managers as I’ve only pitched to production companies so far. I got a message from Joey on Monday that my script matched what Manager Robert Lazar was looking for. I took the opportunity and got a request! This makes my third request this week and fourth overall since just starting last month! I’m very grateful not only for the opportunities provided through Stage 32, but also for the helpful advice available on this site. I shared this before, but again here is one of their blogs loaded with helpful information: The webinar Joey did a few weeks ago was also great as is the webinar by Dan Wiedenhaupt about what goes into receiving a “no” or a pass. So I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking advantage of these webinars related to better ways to pitch and then reflect on your own, and make appropriate tweaks. Again, I took a few weeks off after I got some great feedback on a couple of passes. Since I’ve streamlined the characters and plot points in my script along with most importantly reconnecting with my passion in my pitch, I am three out of three for requests! I am very excited and want to say thanks to everyone at Stage 32. Again, I encourage everyone to read the link to the blog I posted and keep working your pitch until it flows with natural clarity!

Pete Stone

Thanks Kathryn, been a rewarding week!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Pete, you're having a fantastic week! Good luck with the reads!

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