Success Stories: OCT'6 REQUESTED by Ryan Christians of Marc Platt Productions

Noah A. Waters III

REQUESTED by Ryan Christians of Marc Platt Productions

Guys I had almost been beaten down too much from getting so far with so many companies and being continually told they would option my script if they could attach a different director. Several of them offered a lot of money. But I found an exec who said it is a huge production budget to hand over to what Hollywood consider a first time director but let's find a way to get you there! So excited right now!

Pat Savage

Congrats, Noah!

Richard Willett

Congrats on sticking to your guns. I have a couple projects (one with a director and one with an actor) where I really don't want to make the movie without them, and it's been going well for me recently also.

W. Keith Sewell

Congrats Noah!

Suzanne Lutas

Amazing. You've finally met the right person at the right moment. Huge congrats Noah!

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