Success Stories: AUG'2 REQUESTED by The Gersh Agency

Eric Westlake

REQUESTED by The Gersh Agency

I received that email from Joey we all love to see in our inboxes, REQUESTED by! I'm very excited to have received a request last Thursday for my latest pilot script, THE LAST COMMAND, from The Gersh Agency. Of course the email arrived when I was out of town but I finally sent the script off on Friday night. I was so excited to get the script sent to Joey it seemed like it was weeks between the time I received the email and sent the script. While all our scripts are special, this one is unique in that I developed it in two of the Happy Writers Labs. The process she put us through, the one on one feedback and notes we received was amazing, insightful and extremely helpful. The script I ended up with is so different from my original concept. Thanks Betty and Ryan (Betty and Ryan were in my writing group). Also, a big thank you to Brandon Combs for taking time to help me improve my pitch. And as always, thank you Joey for responding to my emails, offering advice and encouraging me, especially at times when I wondered if anyone would ever request my scripts.

Gavin D Walsh

Great news, Eric. Well done!

Leona McDermott

Congrats, Eric.

York Davis

Congrats Eric, we all like to see REQUESTED after pitching.

Darci Warner

Congrats!! Awesome and good luck!

Jorge J Prieto

Many congrats, Eric.

Frank Gaydos

Congratulations Eric..your hard work paid off...good luck!

GiVan Johnson

Congratulations! !

Stephen Barber

Great work Eric!

Eric Westlake

Thank you everyone.

Randall McKinney


Richard Gustason


Pamela Jaye Smith

That's really great news, Eric. Congratulations and best of luck!

Richard Willett

Congratulations, Eric. Haven't done the pitching yet but working my way up to it. It's amazing what a good consultant can do. My writing partner Linda and I worked with Jen Grisanti on out pilot, and same thing: It completely turned around.

Emma J Steele

Fantastic, Eric! So happy for you, congratulations!

Annaluisa de Socchieri

That's wonderful Eric, congrats! :)

Shari D. Frost

Congrats, Eric! Sounds like it's been a great Stage 32 journey!

Marcia Chandler Rhea


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