Success Stories: JUL'13 REQUESTED by Underground!

Dayna Burnworth

REQUESTED by Underground!

Saturday evening I had a verbal pitch with Reed Baumgarten and Skype just did not want to cooperate. My pitch was to begin at 5 PM (Central) and at 5:04 Skype let me know I had to install a couple plug ins for it to work. What? No Skype, this is not what's happening. You had one job, Skype! Luckily, Reed was also running behind because of Skype issues. We then went to a phone pitch then to Skype which eventually worked-ish. We definitely went over time but had a great time breaking the rules and getting knee-deep into it. Reed then requested the pilot for my apocalyptic thriller, Blind world. There are several lessons here. First, keep your phone on, charged, and right next to you. If it rings, answer. Joey had to call me several times to try and work this out and not answering because my phone was dead or in the kitchen or just because I don't recognize the number is very bad business indeed. Second, Keep your cool. Technology can't always be controlled but you can control your frustration with it. Executives are humans too, and when their tech is wonky, they also want to find a solution. Be a problem solver. Third, know your product. You may have a great pitch ready but when a wrench is thrown you just might have to improvise. Know your characters like they're your family. If you don't know your family, well, go to a barbecue with them. Last, have fun! These pitches can be intimidating and you may never be really sure if you will click with your executive. I guarantee if you are having fun and are enjoying the moment, they will too. We have an amazing job as storytellers. Tell your story with a mixed bag of passion and control and people can't help but want more. Michael Fassbender has a great quote about being half German and Irish. He says, "The German side requires order and discipline but then there's the Irish side that just craves chaos." A little over a month ago, my house was destroyed by the severe rain in Texas. We had to move everything we own into storage and are in a hotel until we find another house. We may have one, we'll know more this week. The point is that I'm not working from my home office. I don't have my blazing fast internet and desk filled with implements. I'm working from my hotel room and at times the business center. Right now, I'm in Ikea. You can't expect to have every duck in a row to do good work. You just have to work. Wherever you may be in life, the work still has to get done. The preparation won't prep itself. Life is always going to throw you a curve ball. You can't control the pitch, but you can definitely learn how to catch. Thanks to Joey and Reed and everyone at Stage 32 for the incredible work they do for us! Happy Monday! Dayna

Eric Westlake

Inspiring Dayna. After going through all that and still remaining calm shows a lot about your character. I'm so sorry about your house. Stay with it. Good things are coming your way.

Dayna Burnworth

Thanks, Eric. I just look at it like a vacation I guess. I don't have to wash towels or really clean. It's summer. The real gratitude is that no one was hurt.

Mike Trentacosti

Wow, that is a nerve-racking pitch, glad it worked out. Hopefully everything works out with your new house soon, Dayna.

Dayna Burnworth


Marcia Chandler Rhea

I am so sorry to hear about your house! However, congratulations on your request! You earned it!!!

Emma J Steele

What a roller coaster! Congratulations on the request and good luck with the house!

Maria Torrez- Ellsperman

Congrats Dayna! Good luck. Pens Up!

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