Success Stories: JUN'30 Request for my screenplay PUSHING UPWARD by Weinstein Company

Andrea Adler

Request for my screenplay PUSHING UPWARD by Weinstein Company

I am thrilled that Andrew liked my pitch and want to see the screenplay. It was amazing opportunity to be able to pitch so easily. JOEY!!! You are the bomb! I am so grateful to you .... Thank you for keeping your heart and your head in the right place. It will come back to you in SPADES!!! OMMMMMM andrea

Regina Lee

Big congrats, Andrea, and credit the assist to Joey!!

Phil Parker

Great news, Andrea! Best of luck!!

Beth Fox Heisinger

Congratulations, Andrea! I wish you the best. :) Kudos to Joey!

S.A. Hussain

Congratulations Andrea! I wish you all the best!

Jorge J Prieto

Go get them , Andrea! Congrats girl.

LaToya Cooper

Congrats Andrea!

Stefan Dzeparoski

All the good things your way. Congratulations!

Andrea Adler

Thank you alll so much... Your congrats mean a lot to me... because you know what a gift it is... to be acknowledged...and paid!!! All the best to you all....

Mark Simborg


Marcia Chandler Rhea

Congrats, Andrea!!! Like I said...some serious stuff going on!!! Get ready for the next step!!!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Andrea!

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