Success Stories: AUG'24 Requested!

Kieron Holland


Very excited! My script AS THICK AS THIEVES was requested by ImageMovers. I have used many pitching services and attended pitchfests in the past and this is by far the best, most connected and most effective pitch service I have ever experienced. Thanks Stage 32.

Amanda Toney

Congrats!!! This is awesome!

Andrew Man

Wow one in four is a good record. I read your post about pitching and living in Europe I only do written pitches as well. My script got some interest from outside the US, but the big Hollywood companies mostly find it vague? I keep a record of all the comments when its a 'pass' and one recently really caught my eye? "Feels a little like Dr Who." What! A little like Dr Who, thats exactly what is is, an older man running around with young female companions, has been on the BBC television for over thirty years, so something must be right with the idea? (hello ABC studios). Maybe you can help us authors with a script which is too vague. Looking at the recent movie sucesses, I found 'American Hustle' quite complicated, my wife enjoyed 'LUCY' a good SciFi drama, mostly written for the screen? Maybe thats the problem with authors, we don't sit down to write the next block buster, some of us write because we need to tell a story and little more. (Mary Shelly started writing her 'Frankenstein' story here in Geneva in 1816 and has been used in many films). I agree Joey does an amazing job for script writers, just wish there was something similar in the book world. Thanks and any comments much appreciated, Andrew

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