Success Stories: SEP'22 Requested!

Tania Penn


I never get tired of seeing that :) Batting 4 for 4 with requested for my TV pilot, Porn Again Kristen - this time from AMC -- ::muppet flailing, happy dance:: !!! Makes up for my sadness of my Seahawks losing their first two games of the season, ha!!

Keith Betts

Yay ! I love the muppet flailing happy dance.

Gina Leone

Great news. Congratulations.

Curtis McGann

Hawks will come back :)

Jeffrey Walesa

Awesome job Tania!!! From a Packer fan!

Jorge J Prieto


Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

Hurrah for Tania!!

Bill Hartin

I'm genuinely happy for your writing/pitching success, Tania, but I'm sure you can appreciate my lack of commiseration for your Seahawks loss, since they played my Green Bay Packers. Continued YOU.

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Tania!

David Longstaff


Phil Parker

Great work! Congrats!

DL Miles

Congrats! Don't worry the Seahawks will make the playoffs this year!

Deb Longua-Zamero


York Davis

Congrats Tania... love your TV pilot's title!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Fantastic Tania, congratulations!!!

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