Success Stories: SEP'28 Requested! A glass of hope

Yasmin Neal

Requested! A glass of hope

I got a script requested on the spot yesterday during a pitch session! Oh and Joey; You are GORGEOUS TOO! MWAH! lol I'm excited, but I don't want to get tooo excited because I can still get turned down in the end. lol I don't really know how to feel guess because I'm still new to putting out my work. I have been writing my entire life. I have let stories and ideas pile up and never felt comfortable enough to let people outside of my small network read them. Friends and family (my screenwriting professor) lol have complained for years saying "You REALLLLY need to put this out!" or "Put that out" and I have been hesitant. My pitches: When speaking with Virgin my video feed went out and I hate the fact that I feel that pitch was possibly lost through that, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. My Paramount pitch seemed like it went well.The exec seemed like he really liked the story, but said that it may have been outside of the budget for his division. But, I do hope that he still asks for a read and can possibly pass the idea on and maybe get someone else interested as well if he sincerely doesn't think he can pull it off under the budget max. I don't know if executives do that or if they can do that. So getting one offer for a read, and hopefully more as I wait to see the response to my written submissions, is still great. I deeply appreciate Joey for this opportunity. Regardless of what happens, sites like this give us all hope. Hope. Sometimes all people need is a little bit of hope. Hope keeps writers writing and actors and actresses going to castings and it helps people continue on. I am living proof that miracles and amazing things can happen and I do believe that dreams do come true. I desire to write for a major network on an awesome tv show or write for an awesome movie in addition to having my work produced for the world to see too! So yesterday was a day of hope and I thank Joey for that. When the world tells you “no” or to “give up,” Hope tells you to “try one more time.”

Lendell Wallace


Phil Parker

Well done! Pitching is tough. Best of luck!

Suzanne Lutas

Congratulations Yasmin, I raise a glass to your success!

Debbie Elicksen

You must celebrate those days of hope when they materialize. We never know what the future will bring. Even when a pitch gets lost or ignored, it means there is something better around the corner. Kudos for taking the courage to put it out there. It is always tough for a writer to "let go."

Darla Pelton-Perez

I'm happy for you.

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