Success Stories: NOV'17 Requested By Benderspink Management

Edward Goree

Requested By Benderspink Management

I just had my comedy requested by Benderspink Management over the weekend through the Pitch session. I enjoyed every minute of pitching over the weekend. Stage 32 is a valuable resource for writers and filmmakers that are looking for representation.

Brandie Rich

Hi Edward, Congratulations on your pitch!!! Can you provide any pitching tips about Benderspink and what they look for, especially in a comedy?

Edward Goree

Hey Brandie, Thanks. What I did was, I tried to make my pitch as short as possible, but hit every element of the story without over explaining. I recommend that you have one of your writing buddies or family members that's into film or screenwriting like you are listen to your pitch. I would pitch to them non-stop, until you feel comfortable. Have them give you feedback as well. I did that over the whole week before my pitch session this past weekend. I even pitch to him a few hours before my Skype pitch. It helped out a lot and i was relax when I was pitching. They're looking for material that are unique. So make sure your comedy or whatever you have stands out from the rest. I hoped that helped. If you're willing to pitch to me for practice, I'll be happy to help out.

Brandie Rich

Hey Edward, this is great feedback. I'm still in the drafting process, but once I've refined and polished, I would love to send it your way. Thanks again and the best of luck to you!

Edward Goree

Thanks Kathryn and Joey.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Awesome! A toast is required!!! Cheers!

Tyrone Cousin

Congratulations, Edward

Sy Shanti

Awesome news Edward.

Edward Goree

Thanks Sy and Tyrone.

Mike Romoth

Good news. Congrats! Let us know what happens next.

Edward Goree

I sure will Mike

Natalie Farst

Congrats Edward!!! You should be very proud!

Simeon Oakes

Great news Edward! Keep us posted.

Hakim Mulraine

Congrats Edward. Reach out to me. I'd like to read your comedy as well.

Monique Mata

Congratulations, Edward!

Edward Goree

Thanks everybody. Send me your email address through a message if you want to read the script.

Phil Parker

Brilliant job! Well done!

Valerie Clare

I watched the short, nicely done.

Edward Goree

Thanks Valerie. Glad you liked it.

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