Success Stories: MAY'7 Requested by Anonymous Content

Requested by Anonymous Content

Very, very, very happy to have my pilot requested by Anonymous Content. These last few requests have been fantastic! Can't say enough great things about Joey and the Happy Writers team! You guys are better the best!

Zachary Rowell

Congrats, Emma!

Victor Grippi

Great job, Emma!

Marcia Chandler Rhea

Congrats, Emma! That is awesome!

Pete Stone

Excellent news, here's to keeping things moving on up!

Phil Parker

Great job, Emma! Congrats!!

Emma J Steele

Thanks Zachary, Victor, Marcia, Kass, Pete and Phil!

Marcia Chandler Rhea

I hope to hear more on your continued success!!!

Emma J Steele

Thanks Marcia, so do I! :)

Shawn Speake

Congrats, Emma!

Emma J Steele

Thanks Shawn and Aarthi! Not sure what your caper is John...

Laura Cross

Way to go, Emma. Good luck ; ))

Emma J Steele

Thanks Laura :)

Jenni Ogden

Congrats! :)

Emma J Steele

Thanks Jenni!

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