Success Stories: DEC'26 Requested by CAA

James Hughes

Requested by CAA

My screenplay has been requested by CAA. The best Boxing Day e-mail I have ever received. A gift-wrapped beauty from the team at Stage 32.

Sebastian Tudores

Congrats James!

James Hughes

Thank you for the kind words guys. It means a lot.

Anthony Buono

Wow, James! Incredible news! When will you hear from them? I'm hoping to hear news of it getting optioned soon :-)

Tawny Stokes

That's amazeballs!! Good job.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Awesome! Start pricing a vacation villa in the south of France (near Cannes)!!!! :-)

Amanda Toney

Congrats James! Best of luck!

Suzanne Lutas

Fantastic James, way to go!

Shawn Speake


Eric Westlake


Emma J Steele

Congratulations, James! Fantastic news!

Elizabeth Morrison

That's such great news! Congrats. :-D

Julie M. Wood

Congratulations to you. A Boxing Day gift to end all gifts!! Good luck!

Helena Ellison


Erin Campion

Very auspicious way to end this year and begin a new one! Good luck (I have a good feeling about this)

Amanda Rogers


James Hughes

Thank you everyone for the kind words. Much appreciated.

Sarah Stavrou

Hope you guys make a great partnership and it materializes into a film

Nicole Eilers

Way to go, James!

Shankar Pandalai

James, Congratulation. You think WRITTEN pitches work just as fine as SKYPE or ORAL pitches?

Eric Westlake

Having never given an oral pitch, I'm no authority but based on feedback it seems that oral pitches allow for us to have more back and forth discussion. It seems that there have been instances where I may have been able to turn a PASS into a REQUEST if I could have addressed the person's question or comment. Then again maybe not.

Michael Eric Ross

A fine way to end the year James, congratulations!

Charlie Walters

A dream beginning to 2015. Best wishes for it being optioned.

Roman Grey

Okay, wow.. :)) What a gift heading into the new year!

Chris Gross

Welcome to the club! My screenplay Miracle Workers is under consideration at CAA as well.

Charlie Walters

Good luck to you both.

Sharon Anderson

Fabulous news! Congratulations!

Jeanne Young

Amazing gift it is indeed! Congratulations:)

CK Steefel

Congrats! Care to share any advice, your logline? Happy New Year!

DJ Far

James, way to go! I could not be more happy for you. Great to have such a success story in the Stage 32 community!

James Hughes

Thanks Guys. Hope 2015 brings you success.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

That's fantastic news James. So exciting. Congratulations. Wishing you a Happy New Year and more success in your endeavors in 2015. CAA... wow that's big time. xo

Liz Warner

Good news, James, congratulations!

Cc Lindh

So awesome! Congrats!

Sai Pillay

Absolutely Great News...

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