Success Stories: JUL'21 Requested by Cindy Cowan Entertainment via Stage 32 Pitchfest!

J Medina

Requested by Cindy Cowan Entertainment via Stage 32 Pitchfest!

So happy to report a successful pitch! One of my screenplays has been requested by Cindy Cowan Entertainment! Thanks Joey! Hopefully this is the beginning of something big!!

Jorge J Prieto

Congrats, Jaime. Felicidades, amigo!

Eric Westlake

I'm very excited for you, Jaime. This is so great.

Boomer Murrhee

Way to go, Jaime. Congrats!

Georgi Ivanov Nenchev

Congratulations! Wish you wind in the wings ! :-)

Suzanne Lutas

Best of luck with your scrip Jaime!

Linda Scarlett

Congratulations! I know it will be great for you!

J Medina

Thanks for the good wishes, guys! I've got my fingers crossed!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Jaime!

J Medina

Stage 32 and Joey Tuccio have done more to help me reach my goal in the last few months than anyone has done in the two years i've been writing!

Georgi Ivanov Nenchev

Congratulations ! Best of luck !

David Levy

Always a great feeling to see REQUESTED in the e mail! Great news!

Marcia Chandler Rhea

Congrats! Hopefully, it will be moving forward soon!!!

J Medina

They passed. But it was exciting while it lasted! lol. Thanks again to everyone for your support and good wishes!

Linda Scarlett

They passed, but they wanted to see it! That is part of the screenwriter's life. You are a ROCK STAR!!!

J Medina

thanks, Scarlett!

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