Success Stories: SEP'7 Requested by MGM!!!

Requested by MGM!!!

One of my screenplays was just requested by MGM. Is 3 exclamation points adequate for that headline? Thanks Happy Writers!

Sam Doyle

Wow! Congrats!

Thivanka Perera


Kristen Demaline

Kudos Patrick!

Phil Duran


Patrick Bechtel


Monique McGee

For MGM, I probably would have gone for like 7 exclamation points! That is so awesome! Best of luck.

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Patrick! Good luck with the read!

John Garrett

Rock ON!

Shawn Speake


Brenda Moss-Clifton

Congrats! That is AWESOME!!!

Robert Kelly McAllister


Jeff Allan

Congrats mate, brilliant work

Mikos Zavros


Richard Willett

Wow. That's an iconic yes. Congratulations!

Eric Gilmartin

That's excellent for you. Way to go, Patrick! I can all but hear their lion, roaring even now... (-:

Keith Betts

Great Great Great news ! ! !

Brian Walsh

Congrats! Hopefully it doesn't end there!

Kevin John Parsons


Arnold Pedrigal


Mark Gunnion


Genell Banks


Stacey Pierce


Eric Gilmartin

Good going, Patrick! Use as many exclamation points as the sentiment requires!

Tina Goldsack

How exciting! Congratulations!

Anthony Varon

Congrats!! what a blessing!

Caroline Meyer


Greg Rempel

That's great!

Laudane L. Martin

Congratulations Patrick , good luck .

Francesca Varisco

Congratulations!!! :)

Kevin John Parsons

Congratulations Patrick!!

Tina Goldsack

A big Congratulations is in order!

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