Success Stories: JUN'29 Requested by RatPac Entertainment!

Pete Stone

Requested by RatPac Entertainment!

Back in May I signed up for the pitch session with Agustine Calderon of RatPac Entertainment when I saw he was looking for high concept studio level comedy which is a match for my script's genre. I’ve used the past month since my last verbal pitch to painstakingly tweak and revise my pitch based on the great feedback I’ve received from previous sessions. I find that doing the verbal pitch helps streamline the written version and likewise, revising the written helps to deliver the verbal pitch with confidence since the flow of what’s important in terms of characterization and plots points are clearly defined. It just takes trial and error to know what’s important to include from your script and what to take out because of how it confuses or waters down the main dish. This is my seventh request since March. I’ve gotten more requests from my verbal pitches, I think because I’m able to connect with the executive during the conversation to get a feel of how to adjust or clarify based on how they respond. Again that comes with having my story/pitch so internalized that I can just have a conversation about it rather than trying to recite or think too much about it. Just my two cents about what seems to work.not work for me in case it helps anyone else. Love this site as it provides the resources and networking to keep learning how to keep improving at the craft. Anyway, this request is especially validating for me because it felt like I connected so well with Agustine during the pitch about my story’s concept. Since the idea seemed to be the type thing he was looking for, I think that will help during the read. In any event though, he was a super nice guy so I enjoyed the process regardless of the outcome. If you haven’t pitched yet, I encourage you to do so as even with my passes everyone here has been super supportive and offered excellent advice with how to proceed and forge onward! Thanks again Joey so much and everyone at Stage 32 for this wonderful opportunity!

Phil Parker

Congrats, Pete! Words of wisdom.

Boomer Murrhee

Thanks for sharing your journey. I'm am following your lead with interest.

Rayna W.

Thanks for sharing!

Eric Westlake

That's great Pete. Congrats!

Shawn Speake

TIMEOUT FOR A S32 UPDATE: RB's STAGE32 Monthly Webinar is TODAY at 1P- PDT. Check your time zone! ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT:

Shawn Speake

Thanks everyone! Back to cheering Pete on! … Way to write! …

Pete Stone

Thanks and appreciate the reminder Shawn! Looking forward to today's webinar!

Pete Stone

Thanks Boomer hope all is going well for you!

Emma J Steele

Great post, Pete, congratulations!

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