Success Stories: MAR'4 Requested by Ridley Scott Films!

David M Hyde

Requested by Ridley Scott Films!

Thank you again Joey for walking me through and getting my script into another production company's hands. Here's to hoping for a breakthrough!

Eric Westlake

Great job David!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, David!

Zoran Jacimovic

Congratulations! Keep the ball rolling!

Phil Parker

Great job! Good luck!

Phillip E. Hardy, Prolifique

Well done David.

Nicole Eilers

Go, David!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Congratulations David! Very excited for you...

Kathryn Donaldson

SCORE!! Congratulations on a job well done!

Christopher Weatherwax

Congrats David. You could be working for the guys that made Blade Runner :D

Doris Chu

Congratulations! Wishing for a sale! Thanks aloha Doris

J Medina


Taylor Hay

Huge congrats!

Sharon Moore


Rishi Shibasaki

Awesome job! Congrats, David!!

Cynthia Arnold

Good job!

Viki Posidis

Sweet! Good luck going forward!

Janet Tanner


Basil F. Quill

Sincere congrats! And very best of luck!

Harold Vandyke

Congrats, Dave! Which one did they request?

David M Hyde

They requested my John Gardner Adaptation, The Dancing Dodo. I'm sending my other project, The Christmas Letters, out to the contest circuit to build up some credits (wins, I hope) before pitching that one.

Harold Vandyke

Cool. That's the one I would have chosen.

Viki Posidis

Fingers crossed for you!

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