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Success Stories: AUG'13 Requested by Safehouse Pictures

Requested by Safehouse Pictures

So happy my pilot was requested! Thanks so much to Joey and the team. You are the BEST!!! xxx

Boomer Murrhee

Way to go Emma! May this only be a wonderful beginning.

Brian Walsh

Fantastic Emma!

Emma J Steele

Thanks, Boomer, Brian, Kass and Ellis!

Eric Westlake

Yay, Emma! That's so great.

Shawn Speake

YES! That's awesome, Emma!

Marcia Chandler Rhea

That is so wonderful, Emma!!!

Emma J Steele

Thank you Eric, Shawn and Marcia!

Frank D'Angeli (aka Douglas Wentworth)

Best of luck with Safehouse!!

Emma J Steele

Thanks, Frank!

Colleen Irene Boag


Brian Fire

Go get em!!!!!

Shannon Forth Davies

Great news!

Eric Gilmartin

Ace news, Emma. You're off and running! Congratulations.

Pete Stone

With your pilot did you write the show bible too? Just curious as I am looking to write a pilot Tv version of my feature. Thanks and big congrats to you on the request!

Maggie Grant

Congrats Emma!!

Emma J Steele

Thanks Colleen, Brian, Shannon, Eric, Pete and Maggie! Pete, I have two pilots, one I've written a bible, the other it's almost done. It's good to have because not only do execs request it instead of the script, but I've found it helps solidify exactly what the series is about. You're able to go deeper into the characters, theme and as you have to think long term (as far as season arcs) you can see whether the show has longevity or not which is very important when the execs are making decisions. Good luck!

Brian Fire

It's a good thing to have. Especially when you have a good script just waiting to burn em up! Always good to be ready for anything. Good for you!!! Keep us posted!!!!

Pete Stone

Emma thanks for the advice and encouragement! Also best wishes as you finish up your second show's bible!

Emma J Steele

Thanks again, Brian and my pleasure Pete!

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