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Frank O'Collins

Requested by WME

Just 7 days a member and after my first pitch through Online PitchFest 30 I received a request from WME to see one of my scripts. Thank you Joey and all the team for an incredible opportunity! It proves to me that if you take the time to learn the craft and are passionate about the love of good stories, then it is possible to get recognition – even if maybe not right away. In my case, it has taken me more than 20 years to learn and practice the craft, but boy, what a first week I’ve had on Stage 32. Thanks again!

Tshepo David


Alejandra Perdomo


James David Sullivan

Why don't you wait and congratulate him when his script is greenlit?

Frank O'Collins

Thank you all for the words of encouragement and honest reality. Yes, I know there are many steps yet to come. I hope the time comes soon when I can post about a greenlit project. In the meantime, I express my thanks for the positive Stage32 environment.

James David Sullivan

I have seen dozens of posts stating they have received read requests. I don't recall seeing any about being greenlit.

Laurie Ashbourne

There is nothing wrong with congratulating someone EVERY step of the way. This business is about daily milestones even after something goes into production, that's the camaraderie of it. If you go to the success stories page you can see a sampling of projects that moving forward.

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Frank, fantastic news for your first pitch!

Helena Ellison

Congrats Frank!

Barbara Albers Jackson

Good luck, Frank.

Jeremy Kriss

WME is the deal. Good on ya.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Wow... WME right out of the gate. Congratulations Frank... very excited for you.

Marinda Van 't Hoff

Congrats....celebrate and keep up the good work!

James David Sullivan

If I counted right, 2 productions, 2 writing assignments, lots of developments, a few shopping agreements/options, and a lot of developments. The question is: How many people pitched?

Frank O'Collins

I don’t begrudge anyone who tries their hand at writing or has success or an opinion about it. So thank you to the founders of Stage32! Together we learn; we improve; we never give up or surrender our dreams.

Laurie Ashbourne

Keep us posted on the progress, Frank! It's attitudes like yours that filmmakers want to work with and that make this a wonderful community.

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