Success Stories: DEC'7 Sandy Thorne, Lightning Ridge, Australia

Sandy Thorne

Sandy Thorne, Lightning Ridge, Australia

I'm excited that - due to this weekend's Pitchfest, I have already received a request from ICM to receive my book. Thankyou for your help Joey!

Phil Parker

Feels great doesn't it?! Good job mate!! Exciting times!

Amanda Toney

Congrats, Sandy!! This is awesome best of luck!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Sandy!

Sandy Thorne

Thankyou Shannon, Emma and Joey. I just drove an hour into town from my ranch to post the book express - only 3 days to the U.S. - pretty good service huh? Life in the outback means everything is difficult - so why do we live out here? Because we are a sandwich short of a picnic I guess - by that I mean, a few wallabies loose in our top paddock....

Sandy Thorne

Thanks Aarthi. Not getting my hopes up too high, but it's a start.....

Sandy Thorne

Thanks Brian. I am a realist and know getting a book optioned is like winning Lotto, but being the Eternal Optimist, I still have my fingers, toes and tits crossed! (You can do that when you're 60...just kidding...) regards, Sandy

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