Success Stories: OCT'20 Screenplay requested by Apex Entertainment!

Frank Richard Rogala

Screenplay requested by Apex Entertainment!

I have been making notes based on feedback from a consultation I got through Stage 32 with an executive, as well as readers at the Blacklist since July. Little and large tweaks I need to do. I figured I would take a week to do it in November, after I get moved (moving from MI to CA this week). Yesterday I got a request from a written pitch though Stage 32 from Apex. My screenplay isn't their type of movie, but the executive wants to see it anyway. I really want to impress them - so, I am going to burn the midnight oil and get the next "polish" done within the next 48 hours despite being in the midst of the chaos of moving. Thanks again Joey and Stage 32!

Erin Leigh Neumeyer

Congrats - I hope it went well!

Frank Richard Rogala

Thanks! The only thing that saved me was having made so many notes since I started thinking about how to do this "polish" in July. That said, when I finally clicked - save to PDF and emailed it, it was 3:00 a.m. Yawn!! I am positive I can make the updates and changes even more finished (it is just never done - ha!), but I was able to accomplish and address some notes that I really were really important. Apex said they don't do this kind of movie anyway, but that made me even more determined to impress.

Kae Roshun


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