Success Stories: MAY'17 Screenwriter

Kathaleen M. Brewer


I've been rewriting and rewriting this script trying to hone it down to only essential elements. Then it struck me, what if it actually wins - not as a finalist, but as an actual first place win, what then? I did not have several script synopsis- 1 page, 2 page and 5 page, or a location mood board and or PERFECT pitches or a good condensed CV all ready to go. That got me very, very worried. So before I sent my script out to a contest I really favored, (knowing this script has made it as a finalist in other contests) I reached out if there was anyone out there who could do this "end" or actually "pre" work for me because I felt all my tries weren't meeting industry standards - because there isn't actually any industry standards - all depends on which book or blog you read. Well, I found out there is. There are professional pitch and synopsis writers. I contacted a few and went with Pamela J. Smith at upon the recommendation of Linda Seeger who is a well known script doctor. And Pam was able to do it all for me in a relatively short period of time - like 2 weeks. It costs money - but hell, after all the work I've put into this script, it would suck if it doesn't even get read because the pitch came across as unprofessional. And sure enough my script The Valedictorian won first place in the Artemis Women in Action Screen Festival and I didn't have to go from smiling proudly into panic mode.

Also, after working with Pamela, I began to better understand the thinking behind the writing and the correct formats required, which was well worth every dime.

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