Success Stories: APR'4 Agata Zema hired as Screenwriter | SEEKING SCRIPTS FOR PICTHING .

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Screenwriter hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Agata Zema, a Screenwriter from Seaton, Australia was just hired for the project titled "SEEKING SCRIPTS FOR PICTHING . ". Congratulations!

Agata Zema

Hello, I have just received some super cool news that Tracy Richardson the talent agent has hired me (in seeking my TV series pilot script for pitching.) Great news to receive in the middle of the night here in Australia. Yippee! Thanks to Tracy and the team at stage 32.

Grant Fieldgrove

You didn't give that asshole any money, did you?!

Jim Duncan


Agata Zema

Hi Jim, Thanks for the pat on the back. Little steps hey! Cheers Agata

Agata Zema

Hey Grant, is there something unfavourable about working with Tracy and his team? If so please let us know, including RB and the team at stage 32. Thanks Agata

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