Success Stories: DEC'1 Howard Johnson hired as Screenwriter | T.V show Series- Abashed (show)

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Screenwriter hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Howard Johnson, a Screenwriter from Atlanta, Georgia was just hired for the project titled "T.V show Series- Abashed (show)". Congratulations!

Richard "RB" Botto

Nicely done, Howard!

Howard Johnson

Thanks. Enjoyed the last webinar. Need another writer?

Paulina Lagudi

Hi Howard! I am moving to Atlanta with my boyfriend in April. How do you like it there?

Howard Johnson

I love it! My favorite example of Atlanta is being lost downtown, not wanting to ask questions, and finally asking to find out nobody is from there. I'm on vacation visiting family in Columbus, GA right now. It's about an hour away. Tell me about Jax! Sounds like a company I would send my script too!

Paulina Lagudi

That's so great to hear. Haha sounds similar to LA in that way. Jax Productions is my company that would definitely be interested in reading your scrips lol. here's my website

Howard Johnson

=) I sent the feature length scrip to your email. Someone is doing casting for the short film scrip, TEISHA. Plan on shooting it soon. The query letter thing hasn't been getting the feedback I expected. Just have to mention it was encouraging reading about the guy who wrote Mail Order Monster optioning his first script. Being this my first, with more in the works, being led your way was kinda cool. Look forward to workin' with ya!

Erik Grossman

Damn, Howard! Killin' it!! Awesome job!

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