Success Stories: MAY'13 Screenwriters found!

Gareth Worthington

Screenwriters found!

I just thought I would just thank Stage32 for helping my to find a couple of screenwriters for my projects. I have had MASSIVE interest in my books ( through the pitchfests on here, but thus far no bites. My story is clearly of interest, however the 'book format' may not be helping my chances. I therefore put out an advert for someone to collaborate with on converting my books. In addition, I had another idea for a screenplay. I have now found two screenwriters to help me with these projects through my advert, and hope to be able to return to the pitchfests re-armed with scripts! #wheretheresawill

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Betty Sullivan

I'm going to read the series. I have a niece that's written three books and now has a book deal with Random House. I can get you both in touch with each other. Perhaps she can help. I'm an optioned, screenwriting contest winner, now in film development writer. I like that you don't give up. I'd be happy to share what I know. :)

Gareth Worthington

I'm just going to add to this, by saying that through Stage32 and the HappyWriters I have just received feedback on my books from a Hollywood exec on how to best adapt to the screen. The email was long and detailed and will give a great starting base for me and my screenwriter. Simply amazing. Thank you to Rob, Joey and Stephanie.

Gareth Worthington

Hi Betty, I'd love to hear your thoughts and even get in touch with your niece. You can get hold of me at Thank you very much!

Ken Belsky

Screen adaptation of a book in print is a creative challenge. Have spent the last year doing it. At this moment in time, the script is longer than the book. Lets hear it for vomit drafts!!

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