Success Stories: MAR'24 Script Option

Greg Hickey

Script Option

I recently signed an option agreement for my feature film screenplay Vita (!vita/c23ea) with a producer I met on Stage 32, with help on the option from an entertainment attorney whom I also met on Stage 32. If that's not an endorsement of this site, I don't know what is.

Christopher Weatherwax

Wow, congrats Greg. Yes this place is great, the people here really know their stuff. Hope to see Vita soon on the large or small screen!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Greg, that's fantastic!

Dash Riprock

Pretty cool Greg!

Eva Pohler

How exciting! Congrats!

Greg Hickey

Thank you everyone!

Amanda Toney

This is so awesome Greg! All the best for the project! :)

Ednah Walters

I love reading about success stories. Good luck

Margaret Taylor

Congrats Greg!

Pete Stone

That's great congrats on getting to that milestone!

Marcel Miller


Sandra Webb Smith

I read your first nine pages -- sounds like an awesome film!

William G Chandler Jr

Congratulations Greg.

Laura Cross

Right on Greg, congrats!

Greg Hickey

Again, thank you all. I've been bad about checking the message boards, but I'll have to make a point to do so now to read all of your success stories.

Brian Walsh

That's fantastic Greg!

Anthony Buono

Congratulations, Greg. Very inspiring to those of us hoping to have the same happen here. I think Stage 32 is fantastic. You have proven it works. Thanks.

Marcel Miller

I gave it a chance and listed the project here on Stage32/Jobs, but so far it is a little bit dissatisfying. Except of one Director, one DoP and one Actress, no one is even close to fit the project. Yes, our expectations are big, but the film just needs experienced people with a good resume and great abilities and talent (who did already proof it). So far my considerations of people are out of Stage32, but I thought I give it another chance and maybe you guys have someone in mind who would / could fit. The contact email is on there, so even non Stage32 members are able to see it and get back to us and maybe it even helps bringing new people to Stage32. Feel free to contact me with your ideas. :) Marcel

Richard "RB" Botto

Outstanding news, Greg! Keep us posted on the progress!

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