Success Stories: APR'4 Script Request From USA Network Series Producer

David Levy

Script Request From USA Network Series Producer

Was put in contact with a producer of a USA Network series a while back. After not chatting for a bit, we reconnected two weeks ago. While I was describing one of my TV pilot concepts to him, he asked me to forward over the script. Guess he liked it a lot because he forwarded it to a director who works with SyFy! Only the first step of many but feels damn good! UPDATE (4/18): My script has been passed to the Creator/Showrummer of the Freeform (former ABC Family) series SHADOWHUNTERS! The same person is one of the original writers for "There's Something About Mary".

Ken Kiambi

That's awesome. All the best with it.

Aray Brown

That's amazing! Congratulations

GiVan Johnson

Way to go! Hope things continues to go well for you!

Carlo Alvarez

Congratulations David, keep up the great work and pushing forward!!

Joaquín Carrasquilla

Cool !!

Izzibella Beau

WooHoo, that's awesome

Carletta Carle Hurt

SWEET!!! Best of luck!! Can't wait hear your success story!

Ron Schwab

Way to go. Keep us up to date.

David Levy

Thank you all for the kind words. Nothing is a sure thing in this industry. Still a long way to go but thank you everyone!

Rosalind Winton

That's great David, really thrilled for you, hope it all works out :)

Melissa Willis

Excellent news! Congrats!

Saidu Kalokoh

Good luck David.

William E. Spear

David - Echoing comments of others. Best of luck.

Linda Perkins


David Levy

Thank you again all for the kind words. Still a long way to go.

David Levy

I just received an e mail from the USA series producer. Don't want to say any name. Turns out he just forwared my script to the Showrunner/Creator of the Freeform Series SHADOWHUNTERS! He's setting up for Saeson 2 and should get to my script in a few weeks for feedback. Fingers crossed he likes it! I'm not expecting any deal from this, just want him to like the concept and feel my writing is solid. That's enough for me!

Dan MaxXx

@david pitch for a writing job on a TV show. get real working TV experience. your spec is just a calling card. Get a staff writing job. Learn. Get into the game.

David Levy

@Dan I am very aware of the steps needed to become a working writer. The USA series producer is a family friend's brother. He's being gracious to get me feedback on my writing from a working writer. Thank you for your insight.

William E. Spear

Continuing to applaud and cheer from New Jersey.

David Levy

That makes two if us. Thank you.

Dan MaxXx

@david cool beans! anyway u can break in is good news. I bribed a postman to deliver my script to a Producer. It worked. Sold script

Lord Graham C Jones

Huge thumbs up David. That is great news. Good to learn someone is making positive steps forward. You're on the way mate! :-)

Shelagh Leonard

Did you have an agent before you sent your script out? Any advice on getting representation?

David Levy

I have no representation. Like I mentioned, this is through a family friends connection. Sometimes you never know what connections your immediate family or close friends have until you ask.

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