Success Stories: AUG'1 Script Requested.

Janelle Lee

Script Requested.

Excited my script has been requested by Flick the Switch. Thank you Joey for all of your encouragement and assistance - it is much appreciated.

Cheing Winston

Great I need to know if you had consult with Joey with your pitch , I pitch tomorrow and I am worried because I did not get the consulting

Lendell Wallace

Congrats, that is good news.

Janelle Lee

I didn't consult. I just went in cold. Received useful feedback as well.

Cheing Winston

Great janelle I feel better. What your genre?

Janelle Lee

This one is a character driven drama. Good Luck with your pitch.

Cheing Winston

Thank you much success to you as well.

John Cruz Alarid

Great news Janell. Flick the Switch also requested my script MIRACLE MAN. I haven't heard thing yet. Keep us posted. Congratulations!

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