Success Stories: SEP'10 Script request from Mr. Harris!

Deb Havener

Script request from Mr. Harris!

Woke up to find a nice email this morning from Joey/Stage 32 letting me know that David Harris had requested a script from a written pitch. I will now rub the stars out of my eyes and head off to earn my dime at the day job. Thanks to Joey and the stage 32 gang for offering all of these wonderful opps!

Mike Romoth

Congrats and best of luck. Each step forward gets you closer to the final goal.

Deb Havener

Thanks, Mike! I appreciate your kind words.

Boomer Murrhee

What wonderful news to wake you up, best to you, hope it's the first step to where you want to be...

Deb Havener

Thank you, Boomer! Where do any of us want to be? I think genuine happiness is also found outside of Tinsel Town ... but it IS a nice place to visit ;)

Tania Penn

Congrats! Great feeling, isn't it? :) :)

Deb Havener

Hi Tania, it's better than a kick in the head, that's for sure!

Tania Penn

Depends who's doing the kicking, if it's Charlie Hunnam, then :) …..:P !!

Deb Havener


Tania Penn

I just realized my attempt at humor fell somewhat flat! No, no kick in the head! lol….That's what happens when I type whilst drinking a martini :)

Deb Havener

Haha! A martini now and then never hurt anyone ... unless it resulted in a kick in the head. Ouch!

Laurie Ashbourne

Yay, Deb! We need to catch up soon.

Deb Havener

Thank you, Laurie! Let's do. I realized that I accrued too many vacation hours at work so they're allowing me to take a few days off starting this Friday. Starting to make some headway on the sizzle reel edits and will send you and Keli a rough edit w 2 samples of music. Also have a few edits of some swing-era footage to send along. Should have that to you guys this week :)

Amanda Toney

Congrats, Deb! This is great!!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Fantastic. Congratulations.

Debbi Mack

Awesome! Congrats!

Dawn Gonchar


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