Success Stories: JUL'13 Script requested by Grace Ledding, Literary Manager

Script requested by Grace Ledding, Literary Manager

Hi, just wanted to share with everyone, that my script, Bad Dads, a female buddy comedy was requested over the weekend. This was a special pitching event, where your log line was sent to all the other producers/managers for free. She only received the log line. Keeping fingers crossed about the production company that received the full pitch. Very exciting! Thanks to Script 32 for providing the opportunity to have our work seen by top companies in the industry. My advice, don't ever give up and be open to constructive, even critical feedback..that's how we grow and learn in our craft.

Eric Westlake

Congrats Franks. I'm so happy for you.

Frank Gaydos

Thanks Eric...good luck in all your creative endeavors..

Frank Gaydos

Thanks Kathryn, how's the weather in Airdrie? Probably nice right now...we get a lot of Canadians coming to San Miguel during the winter months..Good luck in your writing..Relentless is good!

Annyk Sebestyén

Well done Frank, very happy for you! All the best with it!

Frank Gaydos

Thanks, San Miguel is a mecca for writers, artists and musicians ...this week we start the Guanajuato International Film Festival and in February 2016 is the 10th annual San Miguel Writers Conference..

Jonathan Floyd

Awesome! Congrats

David McDonald

That's terrific!

Keith Betts

Awesome. Yay You ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Marcia Chandler Rhea

Congrats! It is really cool to have them connect with your Logline! Super good news! Best of luck to you!

Frank Gaydos

Thanks Marcia, coming from you with your track record, that's a real compliment...continued success in your career!..

Marcia Chandler Rhea

Thank you, Frank! I love the premise of your project! I sincerely hope that Grace takes it on!

Frank Gaydos

Me too, thank you so much..

Pat Savage

Congrats Frank you came to the right spot!

Christopher Mathews

Love that title! If Grace takes it on, I'd love to discuss potential finance structures once it's been boarded/budgeted...

David McDonald

Excellent news! Fingers crossed...

Allison Chaney

Great news! Good luck!

Shawn Speake

Great news! Love the title!

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Frank!

Maria Torrez- Ellsperman

Congrats Frank. Good luck! Pens Up!

Perry Goldman

Excellent; I hope to hear more good news from your way. I'm also glad to see someone's accepting pitches for female buddy comedy type of stuff, too.

Armin Narro


Grant Vuille

Nice going, Frank. Wishing you every success. Smiles!

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Woohoo, Frank! Let us know if it flies!

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