Success Stories: JUN'29 Seven Script Requests in Four Months

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Carol Lee Hall

Seven Script Requests in Four Months

My script was requested by APA, Gersh, Lawrence Mark, Ideate Media, Vice Media, Cross Creek Pictures and Animus within the past 4 months through Happy Writers. So far, one has responded after reading it (with a pass). Waiting for more news...

Emi Sano

Congrats!! :)

Delia Colvin


Pete Stone

Nice job! You must have a great pitch which I'm sure reflects a great story! Congrats!

Eric Westlake

That's great Carol (except for the pass). Sounds like you've created a pitch. All the best for you!

Andrew Bee

Congratulations, Carol, that's excellent.

Regina Lee

Congrats, Carol!!

Justin Kapr

Nice work!

Tamal Dutta

Congratulations Carol. All the best for other scripts too!

GiVan Johnson

good good good. now back to work.

Emma J Steele

That's a fantastic tally, Carol! Congratulations!

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