Success Stories: FEB'2 Shocked to be requested again!

Jason C la la Torre

Shocked to be requested again!

Okay folks - I have to say, this is perhaps my most thrilling moment on Stage32. I did everything you could possibly do wrong for a pitch of my time travel project Continuum Force. And I mean EVERYTHING. My heart was in the right place and maybe that's what saved me. I don't know. I really wanted an opportunity to pitch to Damon Lane but had committed to the lovely wife I'd take her to Universal Studios Orlando for the Harry Potter Experience (She is a Potterhead). First mistake - I tried to skype pitch Damon from universal. I searched high and low at the park for a quiet place and thought I found one. No kidding, as soon as the call begins, screaming kids, Universal cast members blaring over loud speakers, someone starts singing behind me. Damon could barely hear me and I couldn't hear him that well. Second mistake - I let it rattle me big time. I'm panicked so I begin rushing through my pitch and I feel like I'm totally fubaring this thing, forgetting character names, major plot points, then trying to recover and making it all disjointed. I could have just sat there and read the written pitch and it would've been better than the nonsense I babbled. I seemed to start evey single sentence with the word, BASICALLY. At one point I just accepted defeat and told Damon, look I'm obviously butchering this thing, go ahead and just ask me any questions you might have about the project. Folks, when I tell you it was awful - I actually had my besties (and co-writers on the project), console me by telling me, "Well, at least now you know you can't do much worse." I felt so terrible about it that I actually emailed Joey and apologized for wasting Damon's time. I don't know if he put a good word in for me or if one of my ramblings sparked an interest for Damon but I was shocked to see I was requested! I couldn't believe it. Thank you so much Damon for giving it a look and thank you Joey for everything you do. BTW, folks. DON'T PITCH AT THEMEPARKS! :-)

CJ Walley

This is an absolutely fantastic story, Jason. I really hope this goes somewhere because it's going to be a classic anecdote to share.

Jason C la la Torre

CJ, I know right? My friend and co-writer Debbie said I'll need to add some embelleshments like, "And then a hawk from fear factor live flew down and stole my ipad mid-pitch...". Thanks as well, Aarthi! Glad to share.

CJ Walley

LOL! The question here is, will you be leveraging a scene based on this into your writing at some point?

Jason C la la Torre

I think I have to now! :-)

CJ Walley

Looking forward to hopefully seeing it on screen one day and being able to explain the backstory :)

Emma J Steele

Hilarious! What a pitch you are never, ever going to forget! And most likely Damon too! Congratulations Jason and good luck with the request!

Helena Ellison

Omg, nerve wrecking! But your friends are right, that's probably the worst pitch experience you'll ever have :)

Michael J Smyth

well done Jason ! maybe from the outside things didn't look as bad as you thought. More importantly... did you get onto the Harry Potter experience :)

Jason C la la Torre

Michael, we've done the experience before - this one was some celebration dealio where they had some of the actors and props from the film. The wifey met Dumbledore (Michael Gambon)! She did say the "museum" left a lot to be desired. Hope one day to see the WB one in London.

Curtis McGann

If it's meant to be...nothing can stop it. Congrats on getting a request.

Suzanne Lutas

Thanks for sharing your "funny" experience Jason. Best of luck with your project!

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