Success Stories: SEP'20 Short Film Premiere

Philip Sedgwick

Short Film Premiere

A quick trip to Douglas, Arizona tomorrow for the premiere of EL BURRITO COWBOY SAVES DOUGLAS ARIZONA at the historic Gadsden Hotel. This short film is based on a TV show created by Alfonso Sahagun Casaus, also a videographer at one of Tucson's network stations. The project's design is to provide strong environmental and kindness messages to children... and it's a hoot! I did script consulting and ended up with a small part in the film as well. When it officially releases, I'll have more information!

There are a few Stage32 folks involved in this project!

Lesley Lillywhite

Hey I have a role in it, too. Let's meet for drinks, Philip. I hear they have this Speak Easy retro bar in the basement, & John Dillinger was there the night before he was arrested in Tucson. Perhaps more scandals while we are there, who knows??

Philip Sedgwick

And here we... glad we survived the tour of the most creepy third floor of the Gadsden!

Rutger Oosterhoff

You two have a blast as always!!

Philip Sedgwick

It was an amazing trip! Thanks, Rutger.

Cumberlain Rattlesnake

Been to Douglas Az... Beautiful old western town! Make sure you visit Bisbee, too! The copper mine tour is amazing. Plus, just walking the old town is amazing. … …. and … CONGRATS!!!

Philip Sedgwick

Hey Cumberlain, We've done Bisbee. My partner is from Douglas and we frequent Cochise County... and other AZ counties as well. Why more people don't shoot her is beyond me... lack of tax credit notwithstanding. We offer so much.

Cumberlain Rattlesnake

Hi, Philip, good to hear from you. We got a kick out of Douglas! It's a different and ALIVE bordertown. Take a look at my Gat Finger … maybe a re-write for Bisbee/Douglas is a possibility.

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