Success Stories: JUN'12 Signed My First Writer For Hire Contract

CJ Walley

Signed My First Writer For Hire Contract

Delighted to sign my first ever writer for hire contract last night for a feature script being produced by a Hollywood prodco. Here's me sat in my little office in Newcastle-under-Lyme, England. This is going to be the start of a wonderful working relationship.

Big thanks to Stage 32 for all the help and support the site and its community has blessed me with over the past five plus years, all for free.

All I've got to say is keep pushing. Keep putting yourself out there and put being an artist before anything else.

Derek Reid

Big congrats on the gig!

Martina Cook

Well done CJ! :)

Mike W. Rogers

It looks good on ya', C.J.!

Adam Harper

Nice one CJ!

Patricia Poulos

Congratulations CJ. God Bless.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Script Revolution!! You rule!! Way to go C.J.

Philip Sedgwick

Well done, CJ. Get more ink!

Christian Conte

Awesome! Congrats!

Mark Mccoy


Allen Lynch

Congratulations CJ!

Roxanne Paukner

Great news! Congrats to you and thanks for your encouragement too!

Brian Walsh

Fantastic, CJ! You've always been a big part of the community here. We're all rooting for you!

Flora Cheng

Congratulations!!! So happy for you!

Chad Stroman


Sam Borowski

CONGRATS C.J.! Make the most of this opportunity! Just the start ... GOD BLESS and STAY FRESH! ;)

John Alen

How did you meet this writer that you signed? Was it through the open pitch sessions?

Chad Stroman

John Alen I'm pretty sure he is the writer that signed a "writer for hire" agreement. Meaning he was hired by a Hollywood Prodco to develop/write a screenplay for them (or rewrite one that needed work, etc.) or adapt a book, etc.

CJ Walley

Correct Chad.

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Hey, mega congrats CJ. Good luck with it!

Felix Agyeman Boahen


Natalie Farst


Alicia Norman

Mega congrats!

Sy Shanti


Lisa Vandiver


Linda Hullinger

Congratulations, CJ!

CJ Walley

Thank you to all of you for such lovely comments. I do love my Stage 32 family :)

Ashleigh Angel Nastassia Klein

CONGANJALATIONS! WTG Buddy! #social #share your #Awesomeness

Debbie Croysdale

It was always in the bag and comes as no surprise CJ..... Your characters “Kick Ass!” Debbie

Kysionia Daye

Awww Congrats, as these are the successes I love to read!! Do That!!!

Ramus Labiapari

Good for you!!

Beth Fox Heisinger

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you, CJ. :)))

Rogue Thomas

Great Job

Farheen Ayub Khan

congrats! <3

Tetyana Conrad

Thanks for networking

Ashleigh Angel Nastassia Klein


Tetyana Conrad

Great news and Congrats!

Rosemary Griggs

Congrats that’s wonderful! Thanks for reaching out!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

OMG! You rule C.J.!!

Pamela Bolinder

Happy for you, C.J.!!

Nelson Christian Amador

Oh wow that's really awesome and really wonderful. Congratulations my man!!!!!!!!

Tennyson Stead

Congratulations, CJ! Break a leg, and may your coworkers on this project have integrity and passion equal to your own!

Tetyana Conrad

It's great that Stage 32 gives the opportunity to screenwriters to promote his/her script through pitch sessions. I submitted a pitch for my screenplay on July 30 and haven't gotten a response yet. I do not know how long one should wait for an answer.

Pamela Bolinder

Don't you have contact information? One month seems like a long time.

James Drago

This is why I love this place. It's not only great news by CJ, but almost 50 people offering support! Amazing!

Cherelynn Baker

Congratulations to you!

Gustavo Freitas

Great job!!!

Nick Assunto - Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator

Tetyana Conrad hearing back from your pitch has a 3-4 week turnaround time, but always feel free to email to check in with us or ask about your pitch!

Edward J Held

Great Luck- Wish i could do the same!!!!!

Toni Deaver

happy for you

Jean Buschmann

That's great! CONGRATS!

Raymond Zachariasse


Mary Helen Norris


Aray Brown


Jess Kalinowsky


Joey Madia


Apongpo Bertrand


Jillie Simon

Congratulations CJ, that's terrific! All best with it :)

Pj Perez


Peter Roach

Congrats! So are you a Liverpool or United fan?

Frank Shank

very cool

Dan Guardino


Doug Nelson

Nice! C.J. All the best on your new venture.

Patricia Poulos

Hi Tetyana Conrad I wait with bated breath... consoling myself, "no news is good news!"... but perhaps not. I submitted for a pitch for 22 July - exec not yet back to me but I'm hoping it's just that he's got a lot on his plate. Good Luck with yours.

Tennyson Stead

Well done, sir! Break a leg!

Cherelynn Baker


Tom Zanca

Congrats, CJ! Fantastic news!

Vikki Flawith

Terrific! Well done :)

Michael Wynne

Congratulations , good news indeed

Jess Kalinowsky

Wishing you much continued success!!!

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Cool! Keep telling us about your journey!

CJ Walley

At some point, I'm going to be able to sit down and write a blog post on this experience, how it feels, and what I've learned from it. So far, it's been wonderful and I've made at least one new dear friend from it. So many working screenwriters report that life just gets harder when they start writing for others, but for me it's been the complete opposite of that - it's been nothing but an absolute pleasure.

I was very prepared for a lot of it but I've learned a great deal too. The only thing I've had to adjust to is a second working day starting at 3pm when LA starts waking up.

Pamela Bolinder

I'm looking forward to your future posts! Really? L.A. starts waking up at 3 PM? My day starts at 5 AM so that would be an adjustment for me too. =) So happy you are doing what you love.

Gustavo Freitas

Pam, I believe CJ is talking about the difference of time zones, LOL (I hope).

Jean Claude de la Ronde

congrats brother!

Drew Curry

Congratulations CJ, that is excellent news!

Gary Pozner

Nice. Congrats CJ!

Shawn Speake

My man!

CJ Walley

Yeah. I'm UK based so don't worry, Pamela.

Shanika Freeman

Congratulations! This is what I love about stage 32.

Shawn Speake

Looking real good at your workstation, my man. I'm proud of you, brother. Way to write your way there. It's inspiring to know you years ago and now. You're doing it. FUCK YEAH

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