Success Stories: NOV'29 Signed with a manager!

Robert Attenweiler

Signed with a manager!

After several months of pitching my two TV pilots to managers through Stage 32/Happy Writers, having my scripts requested and taking meetings with managers who responded to my writing, I found the right match. John Ferraro of Valleywood Entertainment -- who I originally pitched to back in August -- and I are going to work together! I'm extremely appreciative of the increased access I had to managers, agents and studio execs through Stage 32/Happy Writers pitch sessions. Hopefully, my writing would have found the right fans eventually anyway, but being able to pitch to people and make some face-to-skype connections absolutely moved that process along much faster than I could have done it on my own. Joey Tuccio is an absolute angel and was always available to answer my questions and give me additional guidance and/or encouragement in finding just the right new member of my team. Thanks, Joey! You are, indeed, the best.

Spike Thurbon

Wow, Robert, that's fantastic news! A well-deserved congratulations! Always good to see when the hard work pays-off.

Betty Sullivan

Wonderful new Robert. You're so right about Happy Writers. What Joey has done has made such a difference in many writers lives. Keep us posted about the process of working with a manager. I feel a Happy Writer webinar coming. :)

Phil Parker

That's great news and very inspirational. Well done Robert!

Suzanne Lutas

You've been rewarded for your efforts and your talent. Congratulations Robert, your success story is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

K Kalyanaraman

Your perseverance paid off! Good luck and all the best.

Almine Jacobsz

Congratulations, Robert! Wishing you much success.

Laurie Ashbourne

Fantastic! Best of luck with everything that comes next.

Richard Seidman

Way to go, Robert!

Shawn Speake

Congrats, Robert!

Kimberly Gauger

Yay! Congrats

Richard Alan Wamsley

Very happy for you!! Way to go!

Jessica Rose

Congratulations! Love it!

Dave McCrea

Well done, congratulations!

Brett Thompson

Awesome congrats

Dayna Burnworth

Well done!

Tad Wojnicki

Good going! :) Super poise!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Robert - congratulations on Valleywood, that is amazing!

Art Thomas

That is fantastic news!

K Kalyanaraman

Good to read this, Robert! Wish you all the very best!...

Jessica Rose


John Cruz Alarid

Great news.

Eric Westlake

Nice to get to the next level.

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