Success Stories: APR'27 Simply Scripts Simply Works - SoCal Gun Girls Short Optioned

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CJ Walley

Simply Scripts Simply Works - SoCal Gun Girls Short Optioned

There's many good reasons why members should be active in the Lounge here at Stage 32 and one of them is getting the skinny on the opportunities out there. I've been active in the Screenwriting lounge for some time now and when Anthony Cawood starting posting and mentioned he'd optioned over a dozen short scripts, I knew he was man worth listening to. Anthony mentioned he had a bunch of articles on his website one of which was on places to promote scripts. This of course included Stage 32 but also other sites I didn't know about including who run a regular Shooting The Shorts blog where they feature short scripts they feel are worth producing. So I submitted a few of mine and low and behold, at the end of March, they featured one, a script titled SoCal Gun Girls. And the review was wonderful, check this out; "Remember when Tarantino first exploded on the scene? No, we don’t mean Inglourious Basterds, or Django, either. No, we’re talkin’ real classics: Pulp Fiction level quality. Quirky dialog that blew your mind. Gritty characters that popped right off the screen. Cinematic mainline stuff that left you begging for more. Well, imagine fresh and shiny QT content – with a 180 gender twist. Characters like Sam Jackson and Travolta – but packin’ tampons along with 45s. That’s So Cal Gun Girls in a nutshell. And it’s a bundle of criminal fun. Meet Maddy and Lila – two mid-level grass dealers in CA. For years, their distributor’s been the singular Suzanne Wu (her stoic father rolling joints by her side.) The girls make a living – such as it is – but recently Maddy’s been dreaming of something… more. Especially with legalization encroaching on their territory. Can they really compete with Walmart? Or is it time to expand a bit? Madam Wu’s pushing the latest and greatest product – meth (though not Walter White trademark blue.) The girls refuse the offer, and head outside to debate microeconomics… and their next business steps. But things are about to get complicated. Because a hostile takeover’s in the works. One that’ll affect the girl’s market. And perhaps their lives. Yep, it’s Reservoir Dogs meets Bridesmaids (or The Heat, if you’re so inclined.) But whatever you call it, So Cal Gun Girls is real good sh-t (and potentially expandable to feature length). Perfect for directors with a criminal mind." Hell, I'll take that! Well after a LOT of downloads, I got an email last night from a producer in Washington DC wanting to make it. Click, click, BOOM! Consider its ass optioned. Another success story that owes it's roots to Stage 32 and the great community who support each other here. Want to read it? Check it out in my loglines section of course:

Michael Hager

Holy cow that's wonderful! Congrats CJ!

Antonio Ingram

This is great news, CJ. I am very happy for you and wish you and your collaborators the best during the filmmaking process.

Phil Parker

BOOYAH! Awesome news, CJ! Well done! A writer couldn't ask for a better review, too. I'm off now to go check it out on your profile...

Kerry Douglas Dye

Wow, helluva writeup. Kudos on the boffo review, and the option!

CJ Walley

Thanks guys :) Once again the feeling of having supportive friends warms just as much as the success. I have to admit feeling pretty vindicated with this one. A while back I had a self proclaimed script doctor from a screenwriting forum go seek out my work on a script review site and they absolutely ripped this one to shreds, they completely missed the theme about corporatisation, industrialisation, legislation, and its effect on small businesses. It was such a kick to the gut and I lost faith in it ever getting anywhere.

David C. Hëvvitt

Really awesome CJ you must have worked hard to get it to that point. I can only imagine how hard script writing can be, especially to give it that sense of authenticity. Kudos!!

CJ Walley

Well I can assure you composing looks about as easy as understanding m-theory from my side of the table, David. That's the great thing about filmmaking, a team of passionate people bringing their skills together to create something brilliant.

Brian Shell

That line "packin' tampons as well as 45s" - totally Classic CJ. Bravo bro!

Brian Shell

I once pitched an idea to Amazon Studios titled "Depends on Bows and Arrows" (ala Dances with Wolves) where an alien race invades Earth (ala ID4) but some old codgers realize that their geriatric urine acts like acid (ala Alien)... so they go back to old school methods... bows and arrows... and poke holes in their armor with their used Depends undergarments... a bit of an action-comedy. Didn't get accepted... but brought me a ton of laughs writing the pitch.

CJ Walley

They came up with a great line there indeed, Brian. And accurate too, Jules and Vincent did carry .45s in Pulp Fiction. Depends on Bows and Arrows sounds like a lot of fun, Brian. Can be so good for the soul to write something fun like that.

Mike Romoth

It's always a pleasure to see your posts. Thanks for sharing this good news and this great tip with the community. Good luck with all your efforts.

Michael Hager

Cool script too, fun read!

Brian Shell

Personally CJ, I think we should co-write a short spec script titled "CrapHands and SoggyPants" as a spin on our mutual ideas mentioned lately. Haha.

CJ Walley

LMAO Brian!

Emma J Steele

Hard work, perseverance, connections and networking equals success! Congratulations again CJ!

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