Success Stories: AUG'24 Sitcom Pilot Request(s) coming in...!!!

Bob Winston

Sitcom Pilot Request(s) coming in...!!!

So happy to report my NETWORK SITCOM PILOT has thus far been requested by CBS Development, Intrigue Entertainment and just now 3 Arts Entertainment. One hopes with this kind of interest someone’s gonna say, “Hey, if we’re all thinkin’ the same thing, this project must have potential!” And the dots could then be connected to the next step. A big shout out to Joey as always, but now also to his bright, shiny, new assistant, Briana who’s been an immense help in navigating Stage32’s virtual amazements!

Nikolas Filipovic

That is awesome

C. Erskine Brown

Congratulations. Heck of a step...

Keith Betts

That is great news, awesome job

Eric Westlake

Great job, Bob! It's funny. I just commented on a post from a writer who got three scripts requested from one company now I read that you've got one script requested from three companies. Looks like three is the magic number today.

Emma J Steele

Fantastic, Bob! Congratulations on all the requests!

Bob Winston

Yes, Eric and the rest, thank you for your kind encouragement, let's hope good tidings come in 3's. And as I stated to that other gent, let's hope we get some "traction" from their "interest" x3. ;-)

Michael J Smyth

Fantastic news Bob, good luck

Tony Moore

I just came across this post and have had some good contact with Intrigue. Are things still panning out?

Bob Winston

Hi Tony, thank you much for your interest. Per Intrigue's mandate, they take foreign properties with established track records and adapt them to domestic TV and do it very well. At their request, I morphed my multi-cam sitcom into an edgier single-cam read to give it a more marketable cable TV window, but it didn't take with their program. No worries, Joe is a very personable guy and I wish them well in their future endeavors. I'm pitching to a Canadian prod. co. next week that may offer a better venue for an "unknown quantity" such as myself! Heck, being a Minne-SOH-tun, I'm already half Canuck, so this may work out for the best.... :-)

Tony Moore

Hey Bob. First, good luck with the Canadian co. Joe is my contact with Intrigue as well. Great guy to work with. We're ongoing, so...we'll see. Good luck!

Bob Winston

Sounds like you have "traction" so godspeed with that!

Tony Moore

We do, in both TV and feature stuff, so, yeah, fingers crossed.

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