Success Stories: MAY'5 Stage 32/Happy Writers Rock!

Stage 32/Happy Writers Rock!

Just wanted to share some wonderful news that could only have come about because of the folks at the Happy Writers! I've been working with Joey Tuccio there trying to hone my written pitch for a fantasy/rom-com feature I wrote and it's definitely paid off -- I got my script requested for the first time during a pitch this past weekend! I know it's not a deal or anything, but it's a small victory and I'll take it! Thanks Stage 32 and the Happy Writers!

Gilda Henry

Thanks, Joey! Ditto!

Leah Waller


Rick R Miller

Little victories add up to big victories

Janet Biery

Happy for you. Best of luck on the follow-up to the pitch.

Leah Waller

Good for you!! Life is a journey made up of small steps! :) Yes, I am the master of corn! lol

Suzanne Lutas

Best o luck Gilda!

Gilda Henry

Thanks for all the good wishes!

Jeff Allan

Joey turned my screenplay from **** to solid gold. He is amazing. Good luck and thanks for posting

Ryan D. Canty

Congrats Gilda!! Isn't Joey everything?! :)

Ken Belsky

I'm convinced Stage 32 is the way to go. Am finishing my first screenplay (after 35 years in the business). I'll be following your path. !!!!

Gilda Henry

Good luck, Ken!

Jacqueline D. A. Lam

Good luck Hilda!

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