Success Stories: MAR'16 Stage 32/ The Happy Writers Pitchfest success

Stage 32/ The Happy Writers Pitchfest success

Hi guys. I recently secured representation through the pitching process here at Stage 32, and I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you. First of all, why put yourself through the agony of unanswered query letters, and the awkwardness of cold calls, when Joey and his team can put you straight in front of execs from some of the biggest and best companies and agencies in LA? The pitching process itself will teach you more about the industry than you will pick up in any handbook, and Joey will go the extra mile in chasing down feedback on your work. It's one thing hearing thoughts on your writing from an anonymous reader, and another to hear it from a creative exec at a company who turn out $100m movies. If you want to find your script a home, or gain representation, then you can't afford not to use The Happy Writers.

Geraint Jones

I have a gun, you know, Joey...

Richard "RB" Botto

Thanks for sharing, Geriant. Truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

CJ Walley

Congrats on getting repped Geraint, and kudos for sharing the details :)

Andrea Thompson

Congrats Geraint! That's awesome!

Arthur Deeny

Everyone loves a good news story. Sometimes the puppy does get out of the well.

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